• Cooper Bleile

    July 22, 2014 – October 16, 2023

“Cooper-Loop”, “Coopy” – Loyal Companion, Heart of Gold

Cooper was easily one in a million. In fact, he was more. Cooper was what many refer to as “one of a kind”. Cooper came along after Active Dog was already up and running, and though he wasn’t the reason the company started initially, he became the reason the company continued to run so smoothly. Cooper went on thousands of hikes as an Active Dog member and soon graduated to a full-time client meeting companion. He was instrumental in helping Active Dog grow and flourish, acting as my right hand man. Every day I would say, “Cooper, ready to work?” and his ears would pop up. His eyes would wait for me to make the first move and grab the van keys and then he would faithfully trot at my heels, following me out the company van, ready to begin his work day. Sometimes I didn’t have to say anything, I simply stood up and grabbed the keys and there he was, at my feet in all his excited glory.

Cooper was the first impression dog, the guinea pig, the dog each client’s pup had to meet and interact with before entering into the Active Dog pack. Oftentimes, owners would ask how they could get their dog to act like Cooper, or where they could get a dog like that, and the simple answer was – nowhere. You can’t. Simply said (before) – he was one of a kind.

Cooper was loved beyond measure by my entire family. He was always by our sides in his calm, cool and collected nature, never flinching at the chaos he was surrounded by. He let the kids walk all over him – literally. He just wanted to be with us, and sadly at the end that’s all we wanted for him – to be with us.

Our memories with Cooper will live on forever. He was the best of the best – happy, sensitive, loving and always eager to please. Cooper loved to play fetch, take on the Active Dog ambassador role and just hang wherever we were. He was a people pleaser and wanted to be with the people. Though Cooper was near perfect, he did have quite a knack for rolling in nasty things (especially right after being groomed) and being unable to catch a piece of tossed food in his mouth. It was a running joke tossing him treats and seeing how many tries it would take before he managed to catch one.

Cooper is no longer by our sides, but forever in our hearts. He set the bar high without even trying.

Cooper, you were simply the best. We miss you dearly and are eternally grateful for the dog you were to our family, our friends and this company. Your legendary life will live on forever. Run free.

Eric Bleile
Active Dog  LLC – Owner & Founder